ReCon Soil

European Project ReCon Soil (Reconstructed soils from waste): Developing sustainable soils from construction waste.


2 years (2021 - 2023)


2 547 828 €

Area of activity:

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Summary and Objectives

The construction industry seeks to reduce its carbon footprint by revaluing residual soils. The project will develop and roll out at least three new soil recipes made from locally-sourced construction waste, dredged sediments and agricultural by-products. A laboratory phase will ensure the safety of these soils. The formulas will then be tested in the UK (Eden Project Learning) and in France (Caté), to monitor their effectiveness and potential environmental impact.

The data from those studies will then be incorporated into blueprints detailing when and where the soils can be deployed, and any amendments needed to ensure their effective deployment.

It will also establish five new low-carbon technology networks – with members from the construction, agricultural, conservation, and public sectors – and train 200 workers, helping to take reconstructed soils from research to commercialisation.

The project will also explore the current policy barriers and regulatory impediments that would need to be addressed for the practice to be rolled out right across the construction sector.

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